Modifikasi Sepeda Fixie

How to Build The Fixie Bike

Not all bicycle frames can beused as a Fixie . How to build the fixie bike? If you want to change the old bike into a bike Fixie is worth considering penyangah belakang.yang wheel there.
Fixie bike position generally as shown below. The position of the wheels on the bicycle below the best. Because the chain can be tensed by pulling gear rear hub.

Picture below is the rear hub gear. Fixie bike using a hub pole permanent with myrrh, and different from the design of bike MTB or Road Bike is easily removable modern tide.

If you want to change the old bike, you should pay attention to the position of the rear wheel fork.
In the left image below, the slot wheels too short. But it is still possible to be modified, you should consult with the seller. Is the position your bike frame can be used to Fixie

While the picture above right. Bicycle frame with rear wheel position as it said the most widely used by bicycle manufacturers today. Given the fixie bicycle chain must have a certain tension on the rear wheels to pull the chain .. Frame bicycle with rear wheel position as it should be withdrawn after installing bicycle chain. Manufacturer Fix Gear Cannondale, Cinelli, Raleigh, Bianchi and others, using the draft position of the rear wheels on fork with the model.

Fixie bike frame models like the picture below. There are sold plain, material of iron or lightweight aluminum. Fixie frame price generic type such as reaching 500 thousand types of iron, aluminum material for over 1 million. Depending on the model of a supplier for generic types. Or who will be much more expensive branded the marks and is sold in paint and complete (full bike Fixie)

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